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ArtificiaI Intelligence. Natural Creativity.

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About Hypothia

Hypothia has been serving the world’s leading organizations with the best AI discovery tools and services since 2007.

From startups and spinoffs to the C-level suites of the world’s largest companies and the highest offices of the world’s greatest governments, Hypothia makes information work for you. 

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Hypothia Team

Home: Team

Patrick Herron

Founder and CEO


Chris Mirabzadeh



AI Consulting and R&D

Today’s AI provides a powerful means for creating value. From innovation to code to research and staffing, from finance and insurance and medical insight to supply chain management, AI can deliver better results for a fraction of the cost.

AI can be confusing and complex, emerging at breakneck speed. Hypothia has 20 years of experience with generative technologies, from simple chat to pharmaceutical discovery to company valuations to tools that build entire software development teams.

Please schedule a time with us to learn how we can make your organization a leaner, faster, and more productive one.

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Our Projects

 - Identified leading financial indicators for two multi-billion dollar funds.

 - Created the world’s best performing document metric now deployed to rapidly understand the world’s largest data streams. 

- Discovered a half dozen large language model breakthroughs.

So many firsts in AI years ahead of the publicly-known cutting edge.

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